Mezquite Loteria

As part of our project: ‘Studying the use of mezquite to improve the welfare of communities in arid and semi-arid zones of the world’ we designed and produced an educational board game highlighting the history and uses of Mezquite. This ludic tool was based on the traditional Mexican game Loteria. This game educates and raises awareness of the value and ethics of how mezquite can be used.

We are preparing the academic paper for this resource, watch this space!

Researchers involved include:

Dr Zinnia H Gonzalez Carranza (, Dr Peter Craigon (, Dr Hanne Wagner ( and Dr Kate Millar (


We thank the following collaborators and members of the public whom contributed to the generation of this game: Dr Julio Rios Saucedo, Elsa Cabrera, MSc Xochitl Soto Luzania, Dr Yolanda Lopez Franco, ME Karina Hernández Bautista, Dr Socorro Gonzalez Elizondo, Dr Arturo Castro-Castro, Dr Juan Manuel Vigeras Cortes, Dr Norma Piedra (CIIDIR), Dr Oscar Koech (U. of Nairobi), Dr Omar Mancera (UAS), Alicia Hinojosa Garcia, Dr Everardo Garduño, Olivia Bringas Alvarado, Jaime Galindo and Jose Antonio Hernández Herrera. We appreciate the comments from Dr Tim Foster and Emma Rudge to improve the document. Contributions.