Prof.George Kajembe



Prof. George C. Kajembe holds BSc (Forestry) from SUA (1985). Msc (Natural resources management and sustainable agriculture) from Norwegian University of Life sciences (1988). PhD (Social Forestry) from Wageningen University of Life sciences, The Netherlands (1994) and Post-Graduate Studies (Natural resources governance); Centre for Institutions; Population and Environmental Change, Indiana university, Bloomington, USA (1997).

Prof Kajembe has managed research projects funded by a number of international funding agencies. Special interest with regard to the project, involved in research on woody invasive alien species in East Africa: Assessing and mitigating their negative impact on ecosystem services and rural livelihood.


Prof Kajembe has been the Co-PI in the Project in charge of coordinating Project activities in Tanzania. His Role include coordination of technical and administrative aspects of the project. He is a lead scientist on social, and cultural aspects underlying the Project in Tanzania.  Prof Kajembe research interests include socio-economics, indigenous knowledge  systems, gender related issues, institutional analysis and climate change.  Prof Kajembe  has conducted research  using participatory approaches.