He is  a professor at the National Polytechnic Institute (CIIDIR Unit Durango) with experience in domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. He has developed environmental sanitation projects in rural communities regarding the treatment of domestic wastewater in homes that do not have drainage obtaining successful results by reducing the morbidity of the users. He worked on building and evaluating environmentally friendly latrines in rural communities  improve  the quality of life of  users.


Dr Vigueras participation in the Mezquite project is to develop filters combining non-ferrous materials and sub mezquite products  to obtain  first-use water quality  from rainwater in the semi-desert area in Durango. It includes recognition of communities where filters will be implemented, as well as locating, transporting, preparing and evaluating at laboratory level the filter material regarding the efficiency of contaminant removal through physio-chemical and microbiological analysis of effluents.