Olivia Bringas Alvarado Mexican, Master in Promotion and Cultural Development. Director and founder of Tierra y Turismo (www.tierrayturismo.com.mx); expert in planning and development of tourism projects in rural areas and community tourism with a focus on gender, inclusion and sustainability.

She Collaborates as national tourism coordinator for the National Promoter of Solidarity Economy; also participates as an allied consultant at www.identidadydesarrollo.com

Member of the CONACYT Registry of Accredited Evaluators in the Tourism sector; Member of the Ibero-American Bank of Evaluators in the Tourism Sector. Friend member of the International Social Tourism Organization.


Participates in the Mezquite Project since January 2019; her work experience with rural and indigenous communities has allowed to join the project in the topic of training and community work, above all to motivate populations, to start their own development processes based on the sustainable and holistic use of mezquite to elaborate food products, crafts and traditional medicine.