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Rachel is a Professor of Water & Resource Processing in the Faculty of Engineering following an Anne McLaren Fellowship at Nottingham and PhD at Imperial College London. Her research interests look at delivering resilient and secure resources by enabling resource reuse in process environments and value recovery from waste streams. Rachel is very passionate about wastewater treatment, and reuse, with a focus on pollutants, water quality and identifying valorisation opportunities from waste/waters. Her work is international and complements several UN Sustainabe Development Goals where she integrates monitoring and detection, response and intervention, and prediction to understand how waste/water reuse impacts and propagates in the urban water cycle (e.g. wastewater treatment, irrigation for crops, dairy farm manures and slurries). This requires understanding the variability of the water matrix and pollutant load, as well as ecosystem and anthropogenic influences and how these impact pollutant remediation and process performance.

For further information please see: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/news/nottingham-wastewater-expert-named-one-of-uks-top-50-women-in-engineering


Rachel’s expertise in developing technologies and analytics for wastewater treatment and water reuse, coupled with her experiences working in low to middle income countries (e.g India, Ghana, Mexico) will support the project’s aspirations of using meqzquite for treating water for reuse and building of water treatment systems utilising mezquite. Outcomes will seek to ensure water as a resource is fit for use and reuse, and public health linked to lack of quality water and sanitation is improved. At the heart of this project is ensuring communities are empowered and have ownership of change.