Dr Rubén F. González-Laredo is a member of the National System of Researchers, México (SNI II), has a BSc in Industrial Chemical Engineering (ITD) and Ph.D. in Forest Products from Oregon State University. Since 1993, has been Research-Professor at the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department and Head of the Graduate Division of the National Technological Institute of Mexico campus Technological Institute of Durango. In the State Government, has leaded the Council of Science and Technology (2001-2005).  Currently, he is member of the multidisciplinary academic research group of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals. He is involved in the International Academic Network of Nanotechnology and omics for the study of Nutraceuticals and in the National Academic Network of Research, Innovation and Technological Development in Functional and Nutraceutical Foods “AlFaNutra”. His major focus is in natural products, their chemistry and their role in human health as bioactive phytochemicals from diet. Also he is in search of natural biomolecules as potential food additives or wall microencapsulates for industrial or pharmaceutical applications.


Associate researcher coordinating and assisting the activities for the nutritional and antinutritional studies of Mezquite pods from Mexico and Africa to be performed at TecNM/ITD. Besides, collaborator in the collection and preparation of mezquite samples from Durango State. Supporter of the integral utilization of the mezquite resource. The latter includes bark and leaves as potential raw materials for the developing of new products and applications.