Tim Foster (002)



Prof Tim Foster graduated majoring in Plant Physiology before undertaking a PhD in the ‘Conformation and Properties of Xanthan Variants’. In 1992 he joined Unilever R&D looking at the mobility of polymers in the plant cell wall. He has focussed on the processing effects on the gelation of single and mixed hydrocolloid systems, and on the improved health properties of foods and how flavour and bioactives are best delivered during the consumption and digestion of food. He has received the IChemE award for Innovation and Excellence in the Food and Drink sector in 2009 and contributed to numerous contributions to products reaching the supermarket shelves (e.g. Knorr Stockpot).

He was Director of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Food (2013-2018) and recently completed 5.5 years as Associate Editor of RSC’s Food & Function. The conversion of nutritious raw materials into food microstructures designed for optimal performance is his major driver.


Providing an understanding of the structure-functionality of Mezquite flour and gum.