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Mezquite: a means to improving sustainable social, cultural and economic welfare in arid and semi-arid zones of Sinaloa and Mexico.

Project description


This project seeks to consolidate and strengthen mezquite knowledge, transfer information between communities, and extend a multi-sectorial, multi-disciplinary and multi-national network to stimulate use of mezquite in Sinaloa.

During this project we aim to show communities the benefits of using mezquite, through awareness and practical workshops on the use of mezquite pods and gum to generate edible products for self-consumption or commercialization. We will facilitate knowledge transfer between communities and countries. Using participatory action research we will identify mezquite species growing in Sinaloa and we will generate a mezquite’s market feasibility study.

This project is fully aligned to the 2017-2021 Sinaloa State Plan. Through the sustainable use of the natural resource mezquite; we aim to increase welfare, reducing poverty and inequalities.