Sustainable and holistic use of mezquite to improve quality of life in developing countries

Project description 

With this project we aim to begin building a new multinational, interdisciplinary, and inter-sectorial research team, that in future can work together to generate novel mezquite knowledge and resources, as well as regenerate and protect existing popular mezquite knowledge.

During this networking project, we engaged members from communities, scientists from diverse disciplines and members of other sectors, including government and funding bodies.

The exchange of knowledge, needs, challenges and experiences from all these groups in relation to mezquite, is allowing us to generate research, alternatives and resources that will benefit and improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged in the partner countries. In future, this knowledge and strategies can be translated to other low- and middle-income countries where mezquite grows and that can be used as an alternative source of food, wood, and other products.

In countries where Mezquite is native, we hope to help communities using it in a sustainable, holistic and ethic way. In countries where mezquite is considered an invasive species, we hope to help managing it by utilization and discouraging its spread.