Studying the use of mezquite to improve welfare of communities in arid and semi-arid zones of the world

Project description

In this project we are identifying, comparing and investigating nutritional and anti-nutritional properties of mezquite pods and gum; as well as the water sanitation properties of different mezquite species growing by communities in Mexico, Kenya and Tanzania.

From the onset of this project, we have involved members of the communities selected by using participatory action research because we want them to own the project and be able to embrace any future interventions we develop for their benefit.

We have organised sensitization workshops about holistic and sustainable use of mezquite, and practical workshops for the generation of pods and gum mezquite edible products with communities in Mexico. We aim to escalate these to Kenya and Tanzania in the future.

During this project, we will increase research capability and support the development of a network in each partner country to either support the sustainable and holistic use of mezquite in areas where the mezquite is native; or to control by utilization where the species is invading new spaces.