Proyecto Mezquite, born in January 2019, has secured funds for three projects so far.

Funds from our research come from GCRF (UK Research and Innovation), the British Council (Newton Institutional LInks), the Science and Technology Council of Durango, Mexico, The Mexican National Forest Commission, and the government of Sinaloa.


GCRF, Networking grant: 1 Jan – 31 Jul 2019 – SW

Sustainable and holistic use of mezquite to improve quality of life in developing countries Project description  With this project we aim to begin building a new multinational, interdisciplinary, and inter-sectorial research team, that in future [...]

GCRF, Research grant 1st Aug 2019 – 31 Jul 2020- SW

Studying the use of mezquite to improve welfare of communities in arid and semi-arid zones of the world Project description In this project we are identifying, comparing and investigating nutritional and anti-nutritional properties of mezquite [...]

British Council, UK-INAPI, Mexico 17th Feb 2020- 16th Feb 2021 – SW

Mezquite: a means to improving sustainable social, cultural and economic welfare in arid and semi-arid zones of Sinaloa and Mexico. Project description   This project seeks to consolidate and strengthen mezquite knowledge, transfer information between [...]