Jaime Galindo is a sculptor, craftsman and graphic artist, he uses wood as a means of expression, he has nearly thirty years of experience and his work has been recognised with several awards in Durango state and national level in Mexico.

His workshop, Taller De Arte Popular Ilapohuana, is located in the Poanas Valley, a rural area of ​​the state of Durango, where, apart from developing his personal work, he voluntarily instructs the youth of his community who otherwise would not have access to the practice of their creativity since the Rural environment of Durango is a very marginalized environment.

Jaime considers that the practice of artistic qualities leads to the sensitization and spiritualization of the human being,  which is necessary to overcome the social decomposition that Mexican society experiences, he is also a cultural promoter and has achieved the rescue of some traditions of the region in danger of disappearing as they are crucial in shaping the cultural identity of Durango and Mexico.


Within the Mezquite Project, Jaime instructs community members on how to transform mezquite wood into handicrafts, which he considers ideal for the manufacture of sculptures and handicrafts in general, he is also promoting and helping in the foundation of some permanent woodcut workshops in communities of the drylands of Durango.