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Prof Tim Parr is based within the Division of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Nottingham for over 20 years examining the impact of nutrition on metabolism, growth and meat quality, firstly under the supervision and mentorship of Professor Peter Buttery and Dr Ron Bardsley, and then as an academic.   My current research (in collaboration with Dr John Brameld) is examining the mechanisms by which growth promoters mediate their effects on skeletal muscle hypertrophy in pigs.  This work is aimed at identifying targets that influence the efficiency of nutrient utilisation. Much of my work on meat quality has been associated with characterising the calpain proteolytic system and this has been translated to human health research (muscle function and cancer).  In addition, I am involved in research determining the effects of exogenous enzymes in animal feeds. This work is seeking to determine how nutrient digestion can be enhanced for the benefit of animal growth and health.  More recently, our group has several projects looking to identify alternative proteins in a project called “Future Proteins”, where we are examining producing proteins from a number of sources.  This is part of the University of Nottingham Beacon of Excellence in Future Food, a major research initiative addressing the challenge of feeding a growing population in a changing world.  Currently examining the potential growth capacity of insects in response to nutrition, with a view to using them as a novel source of nutrients in animal feeds and potentially human food.


Providing an understanding of the nutritional, anti-nutritional and amino-acid absorption in chickens (flour) from Mezquite flour and gum.