Xochitl Soto Luzania is the coordinator of food processing at the Technological University of San Luis Rio Colorado; and she is an assistant professor at the Food Process Department. She has a BSc in Engineering Biotechnology and an MSc degree in Natural Resources by the Technological Institute of Sonora. She has investigated the use of wheat straw residues for cultivation of edible mushrooms. During her MSc she evaluated the DNA damage of children from rural communities caused by their exposure to pesticides; and how the DNA was repaired.  Xochitl has more than 10 years teaching experience in higher education. Universities where she has taught include Technological Institute of Sonora (2008-2010); University of the State of Sonora (2011-2014); and Technological University of San Luis Rio Colorado (2011 to present).

Xochitl, has experience in the use of endemic natural resources to arid areas for the design of nutritious and healthy foods, using food technologies that allow maximum use of resources making them foods of greater added value. She has extensive experience working with local communities and ethnic groups, training them on the use of resources, rescuing ancestral procedures for food processing and incorporating new technologies to ensure their quality.


Her role in this project include the bacteriological characterization of mezquite pods from Mexico and Africa. She is also in charge of the design and delivery of training courses on the handling of mezquite pod and the preparation of edible products. She will oversee the successful delivery of practical workshops to the communities involved and to show them how to collect, process and use the pods to generate flour and edible product using it. I will be recording the impact of these activities.