DrArturo Castro Castro works on plant systematics. He has dedicated itself to the study of the floristic diversity of different plant communities in Mexico. He has developed in the dissemination and diffusion of floristic knowledge in important areas due to the concentration of endemisms, high diversity and not explored from a botanical view. The floristic studies have allowed him to make recommendations on the conservation, territorial ordering and the vocation of the soils in different areas of the country. As a member of Cátedras CONCYT at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, campus CIIDIR Durango, Arturo participates in projects focused on environmental education and sustainability (


Arturo participates in the taxonomic determination of all mezquites species (Prosopis spp.) utilized in this project and collaborates in the analysis of their distribution. Given that reliable taxonomical identification is the cornerstone for meaningful research on any organism, and as a foundation to achieve this for the species involved in this project, Arturo also collaborates in the development of guides for public use for the identification of mezquite species used by human communities in Mexico.